Conference report

The Conference Built Heritage 2013 - Monitoring Conservation Management fulfilled the ambitious mission of putting together different professionals to present and discuss the most significant conservation and safeguarding projects for the architectural heritage around the world - according to several contexts, climates and management conditions.

The idea of the Conference was to focus the 3-days meeting in brain-storming and exchange of experiences, where important case studies provided a wide overview of strategies, cutting-edge technologies and conservation practices for the protection against the main risks to the built heritage.

During the three days of the Conference, a very complex program divided into three parallel sessions was attended by 290 participants: 68% of whom form Italy and 32% from abroad.

48 oral presentations were given on Conservation and Management (Room Rogers), 43 on ICT and New Technologies (Room IV), and 43 on Materials, Preventive Conservation and Maintenance (Room G.2). Beside these, 59 poster presentations were provided and discussed during the poster sessions. 195 short papers (1486 total number of pages) were collected and are now available as Online Proceedings.

From the very beginning, Dr. Arch. Roberto Cecchi stressed the importance of survey and knowledge procedures, and after three days of demanding and deep discussion two very important keywords emerged clearly: interdisciplinarity and maintenance.
Moreover, the powerful digital archives and the innovative documental resources currently available were recognized as fundamental tools for all professionals working in the field. Together with advance techologies for survey operations and management, can be indeed considered as decisive factors for the enhancement, protection and promotion of the built heritage.

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